Eco Aqua - Water Conservation and Energy Saving

Eco-AquaTM is an energy-saving and water conservation product that is 100% manufactured in the USA by Green Lantern, LLC, a majority woman-owned small business for-profit company headquartered in Alachua, Florida.

The Eco-AquaTM System takes wasted heat from air conditioners and uses a simple, passive thermosiphoning system that requires no pump or electric wiring and virtually no maintenance.
When the air conditioner is operating, heat is carried through refrigerant lines to the Eco-AquaTM system. This heats the water which rises by natural convection (thermosiphoning) into the top of the hot water heater tank. When no heat is available from the Eco-AquaTM system, the coldest water from the bottom of the tank sinks into the Eco-AquaTM,
the hottest water rises to the top of the tank, and the thermosiphoning stops.

This energy-saving heat recovery component will generate approximately 80 gallons per hour of 150° F hot water when the air conditioning is running.

Why every home or busness that runs an air conditioner should use the Eco-Aqua system:

  • 100% USA made product
  • Copper tubing and fittings by Mueller® Streamline Company.
  • Hot water heater and holding tanks by Rheem® Manufacturing Company.
  • Tempering and flush valves by "Apollo®" Valves.
  • Assembly by United Electric Co., L.P.
  • Because of the thermosiphoning system, the hottest water is always available immediately.
  • Total cost of the system will be offset by federal, state and local utility rebates and incentives.
  • An Eco-AquaTM option add-on provides immediate hot water at point of use.

Help protect the environment by saving energy and conserving our water supply.

Eco-AquaTM Cares: A portion of all profits go to benefit international energy, water and wildlife conservation foundations.

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